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  • English camp for children
  • English camp for children 2021
  • English camp for children
  • English camp for children
1970 PLN
Camp for children age: 8-14
Camp for youth age: 15-19

English, Polish

Gród Piastów - holiday resort
Optional programme
Optional trips

Tropical Islands, Copenhagen

11.07.2021 - 24.07.2021

Camp age 15-19
Camp age 8-14

25.07.2021 - 07.08.2021

Camp age 11-16

Camp for youth: 40 lessons (3 hours in the morning + workshops)    
Camp for children:  30 lessons (2 hours in the morning + workshops)

  • language lessons every day in the morning
  • language workshops including language simulations, films, conversations
  • interesting teaching materials and audiovisual teaching aids
  • LEKTOR Vocabulary Training – a unique system designed for vocabulary learning
  • experienced teachers and native speakers
  • all levels above absolute beginners
  • certificate of course completion
Free time activities
  • Full-day trip to Kołobrzeg including: a walk through the pier and seaside promenade, visiting the Old Town of Kołobrzeg, a visit to the Milenium aquapark and using all of its attractions: sports swimming pool, recreational swimming pool, a river water slide along with 2 different types of slides and 4 jacuzzi tubs
  • sport and recreational activities: swimming, volleyball,  beach soccer, basketball, table tennis
  • walking tours around the area,
  • evening activities quizzes, singing songs in foreign language, interesting contests, discos
  • specialized activities: in the scope of plastic arts, music and theatre, field games with the use of a foreign language
  • bonfire with sausage roast
  • a camp photo diary for each participant (to download)
Optional programme
  • Windsurfing lessons
    6 hours of windsurfing lessons with an instructor. The fee includes equipment hire (excluding wetsuit).
    Cost: 250 PLN
  • Sailing lessons
    6 hours of tennis lessons with an instructor. The fee includes equipment hire.
    Cost: 250 PLN

    Note: You can only take part in one type of lessons.

Optional trips
  • Optional trip to Tropical Islands in Berlin

full day stay in Tropical Islands offering a sandy beach with palms, jungle,
Laguna Bali – wave pool, underground water slides, tropical forest, caves,
waterfalls and many other attractions!
Valid passport required.

Cost of the trip: PLN 250 + EUR 45

  • Optional trip to Copenhagen

full day stay in Copenhagen including the statue of The Little Mermaid, Changing the Guard, the Marble Church,
Strøget - longest pedestrian street of northern Europe,
Andersen's statue.a cruise of the Copenhagen’s canals
Valid passport required.

Cost: PLN 300 + EUR 10

Note: You can take part only in one type of event.

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  • Polish camp for children 2021

Gród Piastów holiday resort  situated in Dźwirzyno close to the Resko Lake, about 700 m to the see.
Facilities, apart from classrooms, ensuite 3- and 4-bed rooms with full board; table tennis, volleyball, football pitch

  • full board
  • ensuite rooms with 2-3-4 single beds
  • the resort offers: classrooms, party venue, clubhouse, pitches

We offer transfer from:

  • Wrocław, Poznań, Warszawa – PLN 200
  • Katowice, Kraków – PLN 240

How to book

Booking step by step

In order to become the participant of the camp it is necessary to: book a place via the Internet

  • by filling in the following form.
  • after receiving the confirmation it is necessary to pay the first instalment of the camp

LEKTOR Travel sp. z o.o
ul. Oławska 25
50-123 Wrocław

International transfers

IBAN:  PL33160014621844503130000001


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